Love and Séduction Game : deux poèmes sur l’amour et la séduction amoureuse d’Alexandre Rosada

Love and Seduction game

love and seduction game par alexandre rosada

Love and Seduction Game  by Alexandre Rosada . Traduction by Cheng Yuan


And your soul welcomes me to see me so contrite, your racing heart that I am your attraction; and your body knows that there is no envy in it. So my lover, in the name of this love, deliver your burning love.

Always I will pour water at your source and, filled with desire, will intoxicate you. The world, this too narrow cosmos, like a silk cocoon, will envelop us. And even if I amone, in the midst of your deviations, accept my presence.
Tolerate me, invisible, like nothing, which would be everything to you.

If you love me,only my shadow, then cherish her, for you will love forever, which was our love.

Often my charming muse, to the music of your body, to the softness of your skin, I regulate my moods, and, vibrating with your silent chords, I perform.

Crossing your forms, by mountains and by valleys, I resource myself at the well of your lips, and kissing the tender of your breasts, welcome your source with happiness and pleasure.

From caresses to fingerings, our bodies in harmony, in unison gently adjust themselves. My senses, resuscitated from your boldness, kindle the pyre of our inflamed desires.

Our eyes meet and, insolently, claim you my body, I your soul.

亚历山大·罗萨达成媛 译


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